"Preparing children for success through education
in social skills, etiquette, table manners and ballroom dance." 

For over 60 years, the Chaplin Cotillions has become an institution in the state of Texas by helping parents prepare their children for success through education in social skills, etiquette, table manners and ballroom dance.  The life lessons taught during cotillion are no longer instructed in a structured school program and therefore cotillion is needed for students to learn and practice the skills and courtesies which will help them in social and professional settings.
The Chaplin program features a curriculum which progresses accordingly by class level. Various dance styles and etiquette are combined together which makes learning interesting and fun for the students. Social skills (including dinner etiquette for those in higher grades) will give students more assurance and poise as they progress into high school, interviewing for jobs and colleges and into adulthood. Dances such as the Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Country and Western and Cha-Cha will also instill self-confidence and prepare your child for any social event, whether it is a prom, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or debutant ball.
Mr. Dick Chaplin, our founder, has been responsible for turning out some of the most successful ladies and gentlemen in the United States. Award winning singers, movie stars, professional golfers and children of United States presidents have all gained confidence, dignity and respect for themselves and others through the Chaplin Cotillion program.
Our instructors are professionals who trained with Mr. Chaplin and continually strengthen their own skills to provide students with the finest instruction possible.

Our program emphasizes confidence by leading students through a series of structured, upbeat lessons stressing positive reinforcement and encouragement to give young ladies and gentlemen the ability to help them in any situation be successful in life and maximize their future.

In our higher grade classes, the End of Season Party is capped off by a Candlelight Dinner Dance. Instruction in table etiquette, as well as conversation and basic dinner courtesies are taught while enjoying dinner and dancing.
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Read how others have benefited from using The Chaplin Cotillions and what a difference it has made on their lives from the perspective of both the children and the parents.

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